Ostara Metal’s Warhorns Festival 2018 Picks



Warhorns Festival website: http://www.warhornsfestival.co.uk/
Like Warhorns Festival on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warhornsfestival/
Direct Link for tickets (if there are any left!): http://www.warhornsfestival.co.uk/?p=tickets
Ostara Metal Warhorns Festival 2018 Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/dawnmae91/playlist/0JZo72CZtTI1Vosdln76y6


Warhorns Festival is genuinely one of the highlights of my live music calendar every year now. It is a small festival, with a focus on Viking, black, folk and death metal, but you will also find some power metal and doom metal thrown into the mix. Starting out in York, then moving to Selby, Warhorns is having its first outing at Eggborough Power Station, just off the M62. Could this be the first metal festival at a power station? If it is, that is pretty f**king metal!

As with every festival lineup which includes these bands, I will always strongly advise you to go and watch my friends in Isarnos, Atorc and Sellsword, who all deserve a much bigger following and are all playing this wonderful festival. But if I wrote paragraphs about these bands and why you should check them out at every festival I would see them at, it would be the same blog posts every time. Instead, check out my reviews of the Northern Extremity Jorvik Festival Special, Grimner at The Angel Microbrewery, and Bloodstock Festival 2018, and all three bands feature in my United Kingdom edition of Ostara Orbits.

The great thing about Warhorns Festival is that there is only one stage, so there is no danger of some amazing bands clashing and leaving you with a dilemma! However, I definitely won’t be heading for the bar when these bands are playing. In the early Ostara Metal days before I started posting on a regular basis, I reviewed Warhorns Festival 2017, so you can get an idea of how great the festival is. There are only limited tickets available at the time of writing, and they may be sold out. But if not, be sure to grab yourself one while you can!



I must admit, until I had heard that Kalmah had been announced for this year’s festival I had only heard the name Kalmah and not really given them much of my time. Oh how I wish I had earlier. When I got my new car stereo, the first thing I played was the new Palo album (which I reviewed, you can read that here – spolier alert: it’s a strong contender for my album of the year!) I can definitely see me dancing and headbanging like crazy for the entire Kalmah set. Their most famous track is Seventh Swamphony, but the theme track to this year’s Warhorns Festival trailer is Paystreak from the latest release, Palo. Kalmah will headline the Saturday night and close the festival, so make sure you save enough energy to have one last party – it’s going to be a blast!

Kalmah website: http://www.kalmah.com/
Like Kalmah on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kalmahofficial/
Buy Kalmah music and merch:  https://www.backstagerockshop.com/collections/kalmah?ls=en


The guys from Heavy Metal Entertainment announced the Friday headliner for Warhorns Festival this year, and Sojourner were the lucky band. I reviewed their album The Shadowed Road a while ago, and it is wonderful, atmospheric black metal, with each song almost being a story of its own. I am really looking forward to seeing this live, particularly with all the different instruments such as piano and violin that can be heard throughout the album. Definitely not one to miss. As mentioned, Sojourner will be headlining the Friday of Warhorns Festival.

Buy Sojourner music and merch: https://sojournermetal.bandcamp.com/merch
Like Sojourner on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metalsojourner/

Wind Rose

Possibly one of the most fun bands of the festival, and a band I’ve been really looking forward to seeing a little closer up than from the back of the Sophie stage at Bloodstock Festival last year, Wind Rose are the “party” band for the Thursday evening. Italian dwarven metallers Wind Rose bring Erebor to Eggborough, and I am really, really looking foward to this. May there be much mead and ale flowing throughout their set! I also know that a certain King Pavel will be very excited for this performance.

Wind Rose website: http://www.windroseofficial.com/
Buy Wind Rose music and merch: http://www.windroseofficial.com/store.php
Like Wind Rose on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/windroseofficial/


Trollort are very much the Swiss version of Finntroll with a little hint of Moonsorrow in there too, which by no means is a bad thing at all. I am a big fan of Finntroll and Moonsorrow, and also a emerging fan of Trollort. The harsh vocals and almost circus like melodies are exactly what you imagine when you think of “troll metal”. I am looking forward to doing a lot of dancing and jigging and headbanging to Trollort when they play on the Thursday night of Warhorns this year.

Buy Trollort music and merch: https://trollort.bandcamp.com/releases
Like Trollort on Facebook:
Trollort YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh8H65arkcP6daYw7OWrQCg


Wyrdstæf is formed of a few friends of mine, and a few people I know only by name. Warhorns Festival will be their debut performance, and they promise to bring neolithic sounds to metal, and fuse traditional ancient instruments with extreme metal. From the small snippets they have been sharing on their Facebook and Instagram pages, this is not a performance to be missed!

Like Wyrdstæf on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wyrdstaef/
Follow Wyrdstæf on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wyrdstaef/

Dark Forest

Once again, I discovered the music of Dark Forest through Heavy Metal Entertainment, and I am now looking forward to Dark Forest playing at Warhorns Festival this year. They are a band who is predominantly power metal, but the melodies also have a folky element to them. The vocals are great, and as with all great power metal, there are gallops in the guitars. I am really looking forward to seeing Dark Forest live and will certainly be doing a lot of dancing and headbanging during their set (my poor neck!)

Dark Forest website: http://www.darkforest.co.uk/
Buy Dark Forest music and merch: https://darkforest-uk.bandcamp.com/


Of course, with there being no clashes at Warhorns Festival, there should be absolutely no excuse to miss any of the amazing bands that Glyn, Marc and Elliot put on every year for Warhorns Festival. This year’s festival is the biggest yet, with on-site camping, and the most metal of venues – right next to a decommissioned power station. If you can’t make it this year, then make sure you get yourself a ticket for next year. The festival has a long term future and so much more room to grow.


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