Try Not To Dance Folk Metal Challenge

It’s here, the Try Not To Dance Folk Metal Challenge. (There’s probably a snappier title somewhere…)

The rules are simple:

1. Put on this handy Spotify playlist

2. Try not to dance. Any head nodding, finger or foot tapping, or any way of moving any part of your body to the beat is classed as dancing and you lose.

Challenge modes include, but are not limited to, doing while drunk, while with friends who don’t know you’re doing the challenge, when all you want to do is dance, or a combination of all three!

I’m keen to see your challenges, or just to hear about them. So upload to YouTube, post on Instagram, or send me a message on Facebook, Instagram or email and let me know how you got on!

A big thank you to the followers of my page, and those in The Folk Metal Grove, The Folk Metal Clan, and Ostara Metal Community groups on Facebook.

If you have more song suggestions, please let me know and I’ll add them to the playlist, and I’ll also be adding more and I listen to music, which I do on a very regular basis.