LIVE REVIEW: HRH Vikings Chapter I

This event is a new highlight on the festival calendar, and I already have tickets for next year to witness an even more spectacular line up! Skål!

Grailknights – Knightfall

This album is prime for a power metal party and I can definitely imagine myself with all my power metal loving friends having a grand old time with some drinks seeing Grailknights live. 

Ostara Metal’s HRH Vikings Picks

HRH Vikings is my final festival of the year, and I really am looking forward to it. It’s my kind of metal, and some of my favourite people in the world will be there to enjoy it with me. HRH Vikings takes place at the O2 Academy in Sheffield, UK, on the 1st and 2nd…

Dyrnwyn – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Italian folk metal seems to be coming into it’s own with some quality acts right now, and Dyrnwyn are no different, they are fantastic and I very much look forward to hearing more from them in the future. I thoroughly recommend these guys if you are looking for some pagan folk metal in the style of Moonsorrow.

Valyria – Into the Dying of Time

Band: Valyria Album: Into the Dying of Time Release Date: 18th May 2018 I can’t remember exactly how I came across Valyria and their latest album, but I am going to take a guess and say it was Spotify’s new releases playlist. The album kicks off with an orchestral intro which is heavy on strings…

Dragony – Masters of the Multiverse

With keys adding cheese, soaring vocals, guitar solos, singalong choruses, and a power ballad, it has all the ingredients you need for one hell of a power metal banger.

Skálmöld – Sorgir

Sorgir will not only appeal to the die hard Skálmöld fans, but also to those who may not have heard much of their music before and are into the more traditional metal sound.