Songs to Jig To

No, that’s not a typo in the name. These are five of my favourite songs to have a good old dance to. In no particular order:

Iron Seawolf – Hoist the Black Flag
The first song on the list is by Cumbrian Pirate Metallers Iron Seawolf. From the very first melody, you already can feel yourself start moving, and from then on, you’re hooked, and the jig begins.

Sellsword – Merchants of Menace
Now I am a little biased here, as I currently do pretty much all of their admin and merch, but this track is definitely a dancing song. They even have a dance move to join in with!

Black Messiah – Wildsau
I first heard this song at Warhorns Festival this year, and Black Messiah were probably my band of the festival. This one had everyone jigging and dancing around and many a jolly time was had. The music video is also pretty hilarious, so go and check it out.

Booze and Glory – Red Rum
The title track off the album of the same name, this song is a great opener and gets everyone moving and dancing around ready for an epic set of wonderful pirate metal and a cheeky LoTR cover.

Korpiklaani – Rauta
Although this song has been slightly ruined for me with misheard lyrics, this is one that never fails to get me dancing around with my headphones in, and live it gets the whole crowd moving.

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