Thaurorod – Coast of Gold


Band: Thaurorod
Album: Coast of Gold
Release Date: 16th February 2018
Label: Drakkar Entertainment GmbH

Thaurorod are a Finnish power metal band I first heard of through the Facebook group Epic Metal Kingdom recently. I saw this album was out and I just had to take a listen!

The album really does start with a punch. Power kicks this album off with fast drums, almost Dragonforce-esque. There are harmonised guitars, good solid vocals and a soaring, strong chorus. It has all the components of a great power metal track. It’s a fantastic start to the album.

The Commonwealth Lives is very much more keys heavy, with a keys solo in the mix, along with the fast drums and some chants worthy of a crowd singalong. The vocalist Andi can certainly sing and hold a note, his voice is definitely suited to power metal.

The title track Coast of Gold is a little bit more mysterious, and there is a hint of pirate metal. There is a gallop, guitar solos, and another singalong chorus. This band have such a great energy!

The track 24601 is a breather, a little calmer with more feeling behind it. We still get the fast drums, but the overall pace is a little slower than the rest of the album. Feed the Flame comes in and punches you straight back in the eardrums, the fast drums and guitars are back with a vengeance, the singalong chorus and beautiful solo bring back the energy of the album we are so used to hearing.

Cannibal Island brings an almost creepy feeling. The track starts with a single girl singing, the track has fast and slow parts, the tension is built with the drums, guitars and keys. This is definitely a more atmospheric track. Into The Flood brings in some feeling of being an explorer into the unknown, and again it is a track heavy on keys.

My Sun Will Rise once again has the fast drums with a typical power metal melody, and there is no letup, and there is no stopping with Illuminati either. The guitars are more distorted in this track, which adds to the atmosphere and tension. The album ends with Halla, a track that calms the listener as they finish the adrenaline rush that is Coast of Gold.

This album is one big adrenaline rush, with the last track really the only breather you get. You do get slower sections in the other tracks, but you barely have time to calm down before the next onslaught of fast paced drums and guitars. The drummer, Joonas, is a beast on drums here. It would be great for these guys to come over to the UK to play a show or two, I would love to see them live! If you like your power metal cheesy, fast and great, this album is something you need to expose your ear drums to.

Verdict: 8/10

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