Power Quest – Sixth Dimension


Band: Power Quest
Album: Sixth Dimension
Release Date: 13th October 2017
Label: Inner Wound Recordings

Power Quest were one of the bands on a long list I have, who I want to listen to but never got round to because of various life events and a comfort in the familiar, but in the spirit of 2018, trying new things and starting these reviews, I thought it was about time to go through that list, and since I was going to see Power Quest live at HRH Metal (review here), I thought that it was a good a time as any to check out their discography.

Sixth Dimension came out late last year, and as the band name suggests, Power Quest are a band for those who love their power metal cheesy and epic, and I am certainly one of those people!

Lords of Tomorrow is the opening track, with a tense buildup, but then the key talents of Steve Williams bring in the cheese factor with the guitars lower down in the mix. The vocals come in and Ash’s voice is amazing and powerful. This track has a great singalong chorus with the cheesy motivational power metal lyrics that good power metal should have. There is definitely some old school 80’s metal influence here, there is a guitar solo followed by a keys solo, and the track ends with one powerful power metal cry.

Starlight City is a lot more guitar heavy with the keys lower in the mix, there are still the power metal lyrics and there are some singalong “woah”s for good measure, which are always great for a live performance. Kings and Glory brings back the heavy use of keys and it’s a very happy sounding track, again the “woah”s are back.

Face the Raven again brings in the heavy guitars, and this track really shows the power of Ash’s voice, he can really hold a note! There’s a darker, battle-ready feel to the track. No More Heroes goes back to a keys heavy and cheesy lyrics form.

Revolution Fighters begins with a quiet, calm guitar, and a bit of static radio/TV. This track had a more modern feel compared to the rest of the tracks which have a more fantasy feel. There are darker notes again, and guitar solos aplenty. Pray for the Day is the most ballady song, it’s keys heavy and still cheesy, but there is a more serious tone to this song.

Coming Home is a more triumphant track, keys heavy, but the keys come in and out into the mix. The title track, The Sixth Dimension, has a piano intro with dramatic drums and keys. The instrumental calms down when the lyrics kick in, and there are guest vocals from Anette Olson (ex-Nightwish).

This album is absolutely amazing. It’s great to hear some great power metal without too many frills. It’s the right amount of complex, where you can still headbang, have a singalong and have a good time. They are a great band live, and deserve far more publicity and popularity than they have (though HRH Metal certainly showed they can pull a great crowd). I hope after their long break, they’re back for good!

Verdict: 9/10

Power Quest Albums and Merch: https://www.musicglue.com/power-quest
Power Quest Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/powerquestofficial/
Power Quest Website: http://www.power-quest.co.uk/2016/

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