Vorgrum – Party in the Deep


Band: Vorgrum
Album: Party in the Deep
Release Date: 24th April 2018
Record Label: Independiente

Vorgrum are an Argentinian folk/fantasy metal band, who I stumbled across on Spotify as part of one of the Discover Weekly playlists. I enjoyed the track it played so much I had to have a listen to the rest of the album

Party in the Deep really is a party in an album. There is a distinctly piratey theme to it overall, and there is definitely a Fintroll vibe in there too.

Guardians kicks off this album with a RPG soundtrack style intro, there are some deep vocal “woah’s” and then the headbanging can begin. The drums are dancey, but the melody on top is slower and is a little more mysterious. The party really kicks off with Dancers of the Eternal Blackness. There is an electronica feel, with blast beats in the track, and there is definitely a piratey feel to this track.

Swollen Troll has a more traditional piratey feel to begin with, and the flute melody is very dancey and jiggy, with the guitar harmonising nicely. Blast beats soon kick in along with clean vocals for the first time. There is a distinct Finntroll vibe to this track. Beer Island begins slowly, with dual clean male vocals which reminds me of Heidevolk, the swaying of the melody is also remeniscent of Heidevolk. But there is also a bit of a Wintersun vibe with the change in tempo and musical style throughout the track. The chorus is definitely one you can sway to with a horn of ale or mead. There is also a nice little fantasy interlude with a conversation.

The title track Party in the Deep starts with electronic brass, and soon kicks in fast which makes you want to headbang and jump around at the same time. The chorus is definitely dancey and I can imagine if this was played live, me and a lot of my friends would be jumping and dancing around to this with pints of beer spilling it everywhere! Legends of a Beast has a mysterious start, as the word Legend would suggest. The main body of the track kicks in with the fast drums and the guitars taking over the melody of the wind instruments in the introduction.

Cursed Crown and Winged Boots have a circusy feel to them, and sandwiched between them is the instrumental track Pinta La Joda. It has a much more piratey feel to it at the start and is quite upbeat, and makes you want to dance around. It slowly gets heavier with the drums while the melody stays the same over the top. Winged Boots is a lot heavier than Cursed Crown, but the pirate theme is very much still there.

Dragon’s Breath has a slower start to it than the rest of the tracks, and has a different pace to the rest of the album. It has a more black metal feel to it. Dream Eater has an almost snake charmer vibe with the drum beat at the beginning, but it picks up into a slower tempo dancey track.

The penultimate track, Lost in Time, has a nice little buildup before it turns into yet another dancey and jiggy track. It does have heavier parts, but the overall party vibe is still there. The final track, The Portal has a very 90’s spooky TV show vibe to it. It reminds me a lot of Scooby Doo, but also of The Addams Family.

If you don’t want to play DJ at a folk metal party, stick this album on and you have freedom for at least 45 minutes, because the party is not going to stop with this album. It also is a great workout album, as you won’t want to stop dancing and headbanging while listening to this!

Verdict: 8.5/10

Buy Party in the Deep: https://vorgrum.bandcamp.com/album/party-in-the-deep
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vorgrum/
Website: https://www.vorgrum.com/


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