Grailknights – Knightfall


Band: Grailknights
Album: Knightfall
Release Date: 4th May 2018
Record Label: Intono Records

I’m still going through a bit of a power metal phase, and Knightfall had been on my list of albums to listen to for far too long, so now was a good a time as any to listen to the latest release by Grailknights.

Into the Abyss of the Grail starts the album off with a instrumental track ready for battle. There are lots of keys and brass. The first full length track Pumping Iron Power is a real power metal anthem. With a pure 80’s synth intro and instrumentals full of cheese, it’s a track that gets you headbanging, power stancing and fist puming, and the track also features the guest vocals of Joakim Brodén.

Cthulu has a more traditional heavy metal feel, with heavy guitars to start, headbanging, and a singalong/chanting chorus. Black Spider’s Web has a similar instrumental style, again with less of the keys and more guitar. There are a lot of sound effects in this track, with arachnid clicks and noises, the swinging and clashing of a sword. The instrumental breakdown of a battle between a knight and the black spider using chugging bass and guitar, and heavy drums adds atmosphere to the track.

Grailskull Asylum has a very 80’s sci-fi/horror style intro that very much reminds me of Stranger Things. There are a lot more harsh vocals in this track, and there is a hint of black metal in those vocals and a little in the instrumentals. The atmosphere of the track reflects the lyrical themes, and it definitely feels like a Halloween track. March of the Skeletons continues along the Halloween theme, though with a little more of a dancey feel. There are again a mix of harsh and clean vocals and a marching beat breakdown. I can definitely see there being room to have a lot of playing around with this track live.

Shadow of the Mountain is a very traditional 80’s heavy metal sounding track, and it includes a power scream. What power metal album doesn’t have at least one power metal scream?! Laser Raptor 3D is back to the 80’s with a triumphant synth intro. It’s a catchy track, which is very synth heavy and of course with the title, lots of lasers. It feels like the 80’s in a track.

Ghost Town has a 60’s style guitar at times, with a western theme and a gallop in the guitars and drums, it’s a foot tapping track with a dual guitar solo. The penultimate track, Book of a Hero, feels like the ballad of the album, although to me it doesn’t sound like a true ballad. It’s more of a folky tune with strings and clean vocals. The final and title track of the album, Knightfall, begins with a whispered tale. There is epic guitar and synth, instrumentals ripe for headbanging and fistpumping, and a singalong to end the album.

For me, power metal albums like this are tricky to get into by just a recorded album. I think this kind of music really comes into its own when you hear and experience it live. It’s prime for a power metal party and I can definitely imagine myself with all my power metal loving friends having a grand old time with some drinks seeing Grailknights live.

It’s prime for a power metal party and I can definitely imagine myself with all my power metal loving friends having a grand old time with some drinks seeing Grailknights live.


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