LIVE REVIEW: Nightwish Decades Tour with support from Beast in Black

Bands: Nightwish with support from Beast in Black
Date: 11th December 2018
Venue: Manchester Arena

I can’t remember how I first heard about Beast in Black, but they were a recent discovery from this year. The Beserker album was released a couple of years ago, and I was very excited to be able to see them live for the first time.

Despite being very grateful I had seated tickets so I could see the stage, for Beast in Black I wish I could have been on the floor to be able to headbang and dance myself silly. The recorded tracks have such energy, but the band’s energy on stage was not something I was expecting, it was on another level. They clearly have so much fun on stage, jumping around synchronised headbanging and stage movements, and great crowd interaction. They played some of my favourite tracks from Berserker, including Blood of a Lion and Eternal Fire (a song that my friends and I frequently break into at festivals and gigs between bands).

Beast in Black have announced a tour for next year but sadly as of yet there are no UK dates. I do hope that changes as I would love to see them headline their own show in a smaller venue, though they can certainly command a large crowd in an arena as they demonstrated spectacularly last night!

Nightwish politely requested that no photos were taken during their set which I respected, and I was surprised when most of the crowd put their phones away for the show. There are, of course, always a few that feel the need to record the entire show on their phones, but the number was drastically reduced compared to other shows I have been to.

And I was very glad that the no phones policy was requested, as you really did need to see that performance with your own eyes. From start to finish it was completely spectacular. I was no expecting the level of pyrotechnics, and it seemlessly accompanied the journey through the decades of Nightwish music. From old to new, there was a huge range of tracks for fans of all eras of Nightwish. From Gethsemane to Élan, it was a truly mesmerising journey that brought tears to my eyes as I witnessed one of my favourite bands conquer the stage and bring joy to so many people. It was my fourth time seeing Nightwish live and I very, very much hope that this won’t be my last.

There is so much good energy between the members of the band, and they clearly love to perform to so many people who love their music.


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