Beast in Black – From Hell With Love

Band: Beast in Black
Album: From Hell With Love
Release Date: 8th February 2019
Record Label: Nuclear Blast

I first heard of Beast in Black just over a year ago I think, around the time I was searching for new bands to check out just by looking at album covers on various record label websites (I know, you shouldn’t judge a book, or album, by its cover). However, it worked out pretty well. I discovered The Ferrymen, and of course, Beast in Black. Berserker was an incredible album, and as soon as I knew that they were releasing another this year, I was extremely excited.

The first track, Cry out for a Hero, funnily enough reminds me a little of the 80’s classic Holding Out For A Hero in the melody. As I would expect, the vocals are powerful and the track is high energy. It’s a track to dance and to sing along to, and there is a speedy guitar solo, and a slow interlude before the inevitable key change. It’s a solid start to the album. The title track follows, with a very 80’s intro. It reminds me of a backing track to a video game or advert. When the full band kicks in, it’s a heavier track, and more synth heavy in the verse. There are obviously electronic drums but it adds to the 80’s feel and it’s a really catchy track. There’s a singalong chorus, some “woah”‘s and of course, those all important power notes.

The first of the two singles released before the album is up next. Sweet True Lies is one of my favourites on the album. It’s cheesy, catchy, and definitely a singalong song. I can see myself singing this really badly as a karaoke track (very unlikely to happen), or singing along with a bunch of friends at a Beast in Black show (much more likely). Synth brass kicks off the track which sounds regal and triumphant, and the title of the track is power screamed. It’s another headbanging track, there are more “woah”‘s, a guitar solo, and a calmer section with the main riff that builds up again to the full band.

Die By The Blade is the second single released before the album, and it’s so 80’s. That’s all I can say really. It has a singalong chorus with hard hitting beats to headbang to, and calmer verses. Oceandeep is the obligatory ballad of the album, beginning with acoustic guitar and flute, it’s a track to get your lighters or phone torches in the air to, and the flute comes back in at the end. Unlimited Sin brings back the high energy with a punch, there’s a headbang in the instrumentals and a headbop in the verses. Again there is a singalong chorus and there is a synth breakdown, with choral vocals, and it builds up back to the main band.

True Believer has a videogame style intro with all of the synth, and then the drums come in. It’s probably the most 80’s track on the album, and I could definitely pull some terrible disco moves on a dancefloor to this one. There is a definite Sabaton feel to This Is War, with a headbanging intro that you need to fist pump to. There are flutes and strings in an interlude, before the drums and guitar build up, and there is another classic key change.

Heart of Steel has a triumphant beginning, which is reminiscent of Lords of the Hunt by Dragony (as Dragony themselves mentioned on their Facebook page), the instrumental is very 80’s again, but it’s calmer than the intro. The chorus reminds me of The Last Stand by Sabaton, and there is a very quiet interlude with drum and choir. The final original track, No Surrender, again seems to be influenced by Sabaton, I can’t hear a specific track, but I can hear the style in there. There is another power scream, which no power metal album is complete without. It is dancey, high energy, and fast paced. There are ample opportunities for fist pumps, and shouting “No!” before the powerful “Surrender!” by Yannis. Again we have a classic key change, and the synth takes the melody towards the end.

The album ends with two cover tracks, the first of which is a cover of Killed by Death by Motörhead. Beast in Black largely keeps to the more traditional heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll style, but they do have their traditional synth in there, as well as some power screams. However, there is also a bit of Lemmy grit in the vocals as well, which gives it that added
Motörhead element. The next track is a cover of No Easy Way Out, originally by Robert Tepper in the Rocky IV movie. If anyone was in any doubt that Beast in Black have a heavy 80’s influence in their music, this cover will definitely remove those doubts. The power metal screams are still there, and this would be another great karaoke track to sing along terribly to with my friends.

I had high expectations for this album, and I was not disappointed. Already I have another contender for album of the year. It makes me want to buy some Spandex pants, leg warmers, back comb my hair and combine all that with some Doc Martens and a leather jacket. That is the only way I can think that would accurately depict the feel of this album. It’s such high energy, and after seeing them live with Nightwish in December, I am really looking forward to an opportunity to see Beast in Black live again, because the energy is still there in this album and it carries onto the stage. I would recommend this album for any power metal fan.

Verdict: 9/10

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