EOTEN Talk to Ostara Metal

Global lockdown and restrictions have meant that festivals, live shows, and album releases have been cancelled and postponed everywhere, but sometimes, just sometimes, something positive comes out of it.

Eoten are a new power/folk band on the scene, and I had the chance to ask their founder, Aaron, a few questions about Eoten and what they have planned:

OM: Where does the name “Eoten” come from?
A: Eoten is an old word for “Titan”. It’s essentially a giant from old legend. 

OM: You’re based all over the place, how did you come together?
A: I [Aaron] started writing some music last year with influences from power metal, folk metal etc which I wanted to take a little further, so I posted in a Facebook group called ‘The Folk Metal Grove’ asking if anyone would be interested in starting a band. Some of the first responses I got were from Jesse (bass) and Tiago (vocals). We began sharing our ideas with one another and we managed to get some demos together. We then decided we needed a keys player as we write a lot of orchestral parts, synth parts etc so Tiago asked his friend Ricardo if he would be interested, and Ricardo joined. We then decided that we would benefit from a violin player as well, so we asked Nick to join us and he was on board. Thus, Eoten was born! 

OM: How did you compose and record?
A: We all kind of come up with our own ideas and then just send them to each other over the internet. We each add our own parts, discuss new ideas/ changes etc and continue to send things back and forth until we have a demo that we are happy with. We then record all of our final takes in our home studios and they get sent to me [Aaron] for mixing and mastering. 

OM: What are your main influences for the music and the lyrics?
A: Musically, we have influences of Sabaton, Amon Amarth, Gloryhammer, Rhapsody Of Fire etc. In terms of lyrics, our debut album is going to kind of follow one long story with each song being a little section of that. We like to try and come up with the story for each song before we look at lyrics and once we have done that, Tiago works his magic. He’s a great story teller so this process works really well for him. 

OM: Are you planning on more releases after this?
A: We actually plan to release our next single on July 3rd. We hope to release a 3rd single after that and in the mean time, we are working very hard to finish our debut album ‘The Golden Throne’. 

OM: Where will you plan to finally meet when you can?
A: We aren’t entirely sure yet. We do hope to play some festival slots over the next year or so. All I can really say, is that when we do meet, it will be one hell of a party! Raising a flagon of mead isn’t quite the same over Zoom as it is in person!

Definitely go and give Eoten a listen! Their first track “Kingdom of Immortals” is available on all good streaming platforms.

Eoten – Kingdom of Immortals (Lyric Video)

Buy Eoten music: https://eotenband.bandcamp.com/releases
Listen to Eoten on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2dXT0OJaC7cqb470q3L6M1
Follow Eoten on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EotenOfficial/

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