Adavant – The Unyielding


I’m not exactly sure where I heard about Adavant, but when I saw the album cover for The Unyielding, I just knew I had to check it out. It turns out that The Unyielding is a concept album, based in a fictional world that the band has created. The protagonist, Darius the Unyielding, must go on an adventure to discover who attempted to assassinate his King.

The album begins with Dimiscian Overture, after the fictional world, Dimiscia. The start of the track reminds me a lot of Bloodbound, and there are some strings that come in. The track feels like preparation for an adventure, and it is quite proggy. There are heavier and calmer elements, and there is definitely the power metal feel here, but it is a lot more toned down and less power stance feeling than most power metal tracks. The track ends with horsetrots, and then voices. An ambush has occurred.

Gallows Pass begins heavy with strings. There are death metal style vocals, but the instrumental is definitely remeniscent of power metal. It’s definitely something I haven’t heard before, but it’s not a bad thing. The mix of two two genres works really well. There are also some female operatic vocals, and the instrumentals become almost symphonic at times, and there is a keys solo in this song.

Overgaard right at the very start seems like it is inspired by 80’s heavy metal, but the female vocals soon kick in. The harsh male vocals also feature in this track. There is a lot more of a folk melody to this track, and I can definitely hear some Ensiferum influence in the instrumentals. There are also also keys alongside the more traditional metal style. Stumbling Huntsman is definitely more folk metal influenced, and there is folk metal influences. It is a fast paced track, and ripe for a good old jig!

The Landeer starts with a stream gently running along, and birdsong. Gentle guitar harmonies are heard, and then the drums and flutes begin, and the flutes join the guitar in the same melody. This is even more folky than the last track, and it feels like it should be sung and played by a group of bards in a Skyrim tavern. The ending is a little more sinister and darker.

A more traditional heavy metal style kicks Fairhaven off. We then get a more power metal style mixed with an Ensiferum influence. There are death metal style vocals with female backing vocals, and then pirate style keys. The track becomes a lot more uplifting towards the end, and has a lot more energy. The Catacombs has a bit of a mash of instrumental, I’m not quite sure how it all fits together. There is then some heavier chugging wih the death metal vocals. There are also clean male vocals and some calmer piano interludes. The track ends going back to the heavier instrumental with synth elements.

Renegade Ridge is again an Ensiferum style track, and there is definitely a lot of opportunity for jigging and dancing in this track. From the lyrics, I understand that there is a drunken plot to stage a coup. There is a calmer section of the track with operatic female vocals, but the jigging soon returns. Grimfang Woods has a more heavy metal style with the female vocals. It becomes more symphonic, but there is definitely an Ensiferum style gallop in the rhythm. There are predominantly death metal vocals, although there is some black metal style vocals which feature towards the end of the track.

Barren Fields is an 8 minute long epic which again sounds heavily influenced by Ensiferum, but has a much more symphonic and epic feel to it. At the very end of the track, there is a calming tone. The Divide begins with harsh male vocals, you can hear the struggle in the instrumentals for the feel of the song. There is alternation between the struggle with the male vocals and a calmer, more hopeful feel with the female vocals. There is almost an Insomnium feel to this track when the male vocals kick in. The track finishes with piano.

Gardens of the Ivory Keep begins calming, and happy. However the Insomnium feel kicks back in when the male vocals start. There is a piano interlude, and there are some acoustic elements. There is then a twist in the tale, and the song almost comes full circle. There is a long instrumental which is really powerful, and this then quietens, leaving a piano playing, which then fades to nothing.

After a short bit of silence, a pirate style accordion melody begins. There are some twisted clean male vocals, and a folk metal jig begins. This track is a tale of the Rise of the Splinter Beasts, from a renegade barrel of ale. It is very much a drinking song, and one that I could imagine a very large jig put happening to if myself and my friends ever heard this live!

This album is a great mix of power, folk and symphonic metal, with heavy Ensiferum influences. If you enjoy these genres, Adavant is a band you definitely want to be keeping track of in the future!

Verdict: 8/10

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