Dragony – Masters of the Multiverse

Band: Dragony
Album: Masters of the Multiverse
Release Date: 12th October 2018
Record Label: Limb Music

I stumbled across Dragony only a few months ago, when my trusty old music app Spotify recommended the single Lords of the Hunt. It was catchy power metal and I knew that Dragony was my kind of band. So of course, I was very excited when I knew that Masters of the Multiverse was coming out.

The album kicks off with a epic fantasy orchestral intro for Flame of Tar Valon. It then kicks into a power metal cheese fest, and it’s exactly the kind of cheesy power metal I love! The lyrical themes are exactly what you expect from cheesy power metal, the vocals fit right in, and it definitely has an epic fantasy vibe to it. If It Bleeds We Can Kill It has an 80’s synth feel, and what power metal album is complete without a power scream? It almost feels like an 80’s pop song, which is brilliant in the cheesy power metal genre. It’s a dancey, feel good track with a catchy chorus and even some gallops.

Grey Wardens has a different style. It begins with a calm string intro, and then a sudden change with a grittier feel. The track as a whole isn’t so heavy on the keys, but orchestral elements come in to lift the track. Defenders again has a calm intro, this time with an organ and female vocals. It soon kicks into a power metal anthem, with a singalong chorus.

What power metal album is complete without a power ballad? This one certainly isn’t, and Fallen Star provides just that for the album. It begins with guitars and strings, and includes a traditional power ballad solo. Angels on Neon Wings picks up the pace, with a triumphant start, a catchy chorus, a couple of Meatloaf references, and a fast solo. Days of High Adventure has a lot of piano and string, with a nostalgic feel.

Evermore goes back to a slower pace, but not quite a ballad. The song introduces itself with brass and strings, leading into a guitar solo. The Iron Price begins with chants of hard and deep “Oooh!”‘s. The marching pace and darker feel lends to the military theme of the track.

Eternia Eternal (Masters of the Multiverse) is the final track of the album, and begins regally with strings and a traditional royal bugle. It transitions into a upbeat track with gallops and guitar solos. There is a slower interlude, the kind where you put your arms around your friends and sway to the music. Finally, the track ends how it began, with that regal feel.

For me, this is probably my favourite power metal album of 2018. With keys adding cheese, soaring vocals, guitar solos, singalong choruses, and a power ballad, it has all the ingredients you need for one hell of a power metal banger.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Follow Dragony on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialdragony/

Buy Dragony music and merch: https://dragony.bandcamp.com/


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