Valyria – Into the Dying of Time

Band: Valyria
Album: Into the Dying of Time
Release Date: 18th May 2018
Record Label: Self-Release

I can’t remember exactly how I came across Valyria and their latest album, but I am going to take a guess and say it was Spotify’s new releases playlist.

The album kicks off with an orchestral intro which is heavy on strings and piano, The Final Empire. The epic atmosphere continues in Steel Inquisition with heavy drums and dual guitars. The verses contain harsh vocals while the chorus’ have clean vocals. It is a very fast paced track that makes you want to headbang.

Tome of Shattered Vessels has an 80’s synth style opening, which reminds me very much of Stranger Things. It is a big contrast when the track hits hard and heavy again. To me, the main body of the track has the feel of an Insomnium track, which for me is definitely not a bad thing. There are times when the track sounds chaotic and almost like it doesn’t know what it wants to do. Of Sea and Sky has a calmer and more epic start before we are back to the fast paced drums and clean guitar melodies. It is a much more structured track that Tome of Shattered Vessels, with less of the chaotic elements.

Floating World has a piano intro, leading into a synth melody over heavy drums. Again, I am reminded of Insomnium and there are some great guitar solos in this track. Finally, Into the Dying of Time begins with some calming, Gregorian style chants. There is a lot of piano, and an 80’s style vibe in the background again. There are a lot of different sounds in this track.

This is a very short album, however, the tracks are quite long and I feel like they sometimes drag on a little bit too long. In some tracks, particularly in Tome of Shattered Vessels, there just seems to be too many layers and too much going on, with too many competing sounds. Sometimes the phrase “less is more” really does ring true, and I do feel like this album would benefit from this. Some bands like Wintersun do many layers right, but in this case, I feel like they haven’t quite hit it correctly. However, the mastering quality is really good in my opinion, and that for me is a really good sign that a band has a lot of promise.

Verdict: 7/10

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