Dyrnwyn – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


Band: Dyrnwyn
Album: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Date: 24th October 2018
Record Label: SoundAge Productions

I was sent this album through the lovely Mister Folk promotions, who have sent me a few albums now. Everything I’ve been sent has been excellent so far, so I was hoping that this release would be exactly the same.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi begins with the title track; rain, thunder, birds and war drums open the album, with a flute melody coming in over the top. There are also the howls of wolves in the background. The tempo of the track suddenly changes, with the instrumental heavy on keys and blast beats. The harsh vocals have a flute accompaniment. The music already has a very Moonsorrow-esque feel to it; you can both headbang and move to the instrumental. There is a tribal feel when a flute and drum breakdown, before the full instrumental builds back up.

Cerus has a strong start with guitar riffs and the jaunty feel of a Moonsorrow track. There is an accordion accompaniment in this track and heavy use of the flute again. Parati ad Impetvm has a darker, more sinister start, and there is more of a black metal feel to the guitars. The flute cuts through with melody, and overall there is a slower tempo. Si Vis Pacem… is an intstrumental, calming track. There is flute and rain, it is almost spiritual. There is an acoustic guitar and fire crackling. …Para Bellum is a big contrast, and a second part to the previous track. There is flute and harsh vocals, but a very folky feel to the track and chants.

L’Addio del Primo Re starts with the crackling of fire, the sounds of nature, and an acoustic guitar, much like Si Vis Pacem… . Then epic guitar, drums and a harsh cry change the atmosphere of the track. There are flutes and harsh vocals, a buildup of atmosphere in the keys and vocal tone. There are also slower paced sections with flute taking the melody, before blast beats and vocals kick back in. Il Sangue Dei Vinti is a slower paced, black metal style track. The accordion accompanies the harsh vocals, and there is also a flute melody. The pace of the track quickens at the song progresses, you can really hear a struggle in the instrumental.

Feralia hits with blast beats, synth brass and guitars, it is hard hitting. There is again the accordion in the track, which adds a folky element to the overall heaviness. There is the now familiar flute accompaniment to the vocals, and it does remind me a little of Cruachan. The final track, Assedio di Veio CCCXCVI (396) has a battle ready and triumphant start, before leading into blast beats and harsh vocals. The track is generally chaotic and fast paced, with swords clashing and battle noises. There is flute, and then a complete contrast in the instrumental with a full strings section which is calming. It builds back up to the heavier instrumental we hear before.

Once again, Mister Folk has not disappointed me with his suggestion of this album to review. I really enjoyed this and I will definitely be taking the time to listen to Dyrnwyn’s back catalogue. Italian folk metal seems to be coming into it’s own with some quality acts right now, and Dyrnwyn are no different, they are fantastic and I very much look forward to hearing more from them in the future. I thoroughly recommend these guys if you are looking for some pagan folk metal in the style of Moonsorrow.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Buy Dyrnwyn music and merch: https://dyrnwyn.bandcamp.com/
Like Dyrnwyn on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dyrnwynband/

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