INTERVIEW: Grimner at Wacken Winter Nights

Wacken Winter Nights was such an excellent weekend, and it was thanks to my favourite bunch of Swedes Grimner that I first found out about the festival. I caught up with Ted over the weekend to have a friends catch up and chat all things Grimner. Grimner headlined the Theatre of Grace stage on the Saturday night, a spot on the lineup which I personally think they thoroughly deserved.


OM: So, last year was the 10 year anniversary of Grimner and the album release of Vanadrottning, how was 2018 for you and what were your highlights?
T: Ah, shit(long pause)… We had an amazing year with 36 shows all around Europe and meeting many great people. The year was by far the biggest in Grimner history and when looking back we are still overwhelmed by the great adventure it was. A fantastic year!
I think the highlight actually was the September tour that we did because we had Kalevala and Vorgrum from Argentina on the tour and we really made very good friends with them. It was quite an experience because we have never done something like that before, it’s only been like festivals and one-off gigs, stuff like that mostly, or just a week long tour. This time it was almost an entire month and it was pretty crazy because a lot of stuff happened in that time like the vocalist of Kalevala got bed bugs in Poland and just crazy shit happening. Their van got stolen and stuff like that happened in the Czech Republic and we had just this couple of days where it was really chaotic because they lost their instruments so we had to lend our instruments to them. So yeah, a lot of insane stuff. During a long tour like that just a lot of stuff happening and I guess that was the highlight of 2018.

OM: For people who haven’t heard Grimner before, how would you describe yourselves?
T: Arseholes. (Short pause and a laugh. Then we realised beer was leaking, we came up with an ingenious ash tray solution). I’d say kind of, folk metal, but without sounding like a c**t (laughs), I mean it is folk metal, so there are no surprises really, but I guess, quality folk metal.

OM: What are you plans for this year and is there a new album in the works yet?
T: We have a new album in the works but it’s still too early to say because we are still in the songwriting stage of everything. Considering 2018 being a very, very, very busy year, like with touring and everything. It is probably going to take just a little more time because we’ve been having like 2 years between albums so far but it may take a bit longer from Vanadrottning to have another album out, but it is in the works. So mainly song writing, do a few festivals, and just focus on one off gigs.

OM: What is something you can tell me about Grimner that isn’t on the internet yet?
T: Well, there’s a lot (laughs). (I suggest a random funny story). I’m not sure actually because we have a lot of stuff that happened. We played football with a potato outside of the venue we were supposed to play at in Slovakia. We had fans sitting outside before it opened and what we did was just say “Hi, nice to meet you!” and then we just started playing football with a potato because Vorgrum has a song called Potato Troll so they just happened to have a potato with them and we just decided to play a game of potatoball, I guess you would call it?

OM: Who are your favourite bands to play with?
T: Wow, this is a tough question as we have played with so many great and friendly bands. Of course, Vorgrum now we have had a tour with them, and Kalevala. I don’t want to exclude anyone really but we of course have had bands that are hard. We’re still people and it’s hard to click with everybody but objectively I think Vorgrum and also our friends from Apocalypse Orchestra who are at the festival now who are really great guys to play with, really professional and just fun guys.

OM: What music are you listening to at the moment?
T: I am actually listening to a lot of Coheed and Cambria at the moment, also Rush as well, and Ninja Sex Party. Chthonic as well, from Taiwan.

OM: (Fan question) Are you planning on releasing any more acoustic folk in the future?
T: We might throw in some acoustic stuff on the next album, or just release another EP, we don’t really know how we’re going to do it but there will be more acoustic stuff coming up.

OM: (Iti from Vorgrum): Will you fight me?
T: (laughs) I’ll fight you bro. Come at me.

To see a review of Grimner’s headlining set at the Theatre of Grace on the Saturday of Wacken Winter Nights, check out Part 2 of my Wacken Winter Nights review, and keep an eye out for new live dates on their Facebook page and website, as they certainly are a band that you shouldn’t miss.

Grimner – Dödens Dans (from Vanadrottning)

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