Ariadne’s Thread – From The Very Beginning

Band: Ariadne’s Thread
Album: From The Very Beginning
Release Date: 8th March 2019
Record Label: Unsigned

I was told about Ariadne’s Thread by my friend Joost, who is currently on tour with Imperial Age as their merch person. He mentioned that this band had supported Imperial Age in Poland, that I might be interested in their upcoming release, and asked if he could send them my contact details to send over their EP. I agreed to add this to my increasing list of albums to review, and gave it a listen.

Numinous kicks off proceedings with strings, but in the tone of the music, something isn’t all as it seems. There are female vocals, and the instrumental is overall calm but with some more sinister, hard flashes. There is a lot of harp and traditional instruments as it builds into the main melody. Rolandskvadet has drums, a vocal drone, and more traditional instruments, again with the female vocal. The first two tracks I feel are more ambient and not quite as structured as you would expect a song to be, which works for these tracks.

Je Vivroie Liement again has drums and a vocal drone, but this time with the addition of bagpipes, there is a more structured rhythm compared to the first two tracks. The more structured tracks continue with As I Lay On Yoolish Night. We begin again with traditional instruments and ambient background noise. Again the song is more structured, with harp, string, and female vocals. The final track is more upbeat, and Miri It Is has some great vocals which really fit the music.

This is a great little EP, and the music reminds me of a mix of the Witcher 3 soundtrack, Wardruna, and Faun. I think that Ariadne’s Thread are definitely a folk band to look out for in the future, and I hope that one day I will have the chance to see them perform live.

Ariadne’s Thread – Rolandskvadet

Verdict: 8/10

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