Kalasfolket – Älvornas Dans

Band: Kalasfolket
Album: Älvornas Dans
Release Date: 6th November 2019
Record Label: Independent

First of all, apologies for Kalasfolket for taking a while to get to their EPK. More information about why I’ve been delayed is on my Facebook page. To cut a long story short, the full-time job is very busy at the moment, and my health has suffered. I suspect this note will be at the top of all the EPK reviews I do for a while!

Älvornas Dans is an instrumental EP which is very heavily folk based, with the metal coming a close second to the more traditional sound. First track Trollschottis begins with distorted guitar, but the accordion comes in and leads the melody throughout, with guitars joining in throughout the track. Personally, for me, the mastering doesn’t sound quite right on this track, and that is unfortunately a theme that lasts throughout this 4-track EP.

Älvornas Dans is a more dancey folk track, though it does take me a while to get into the rhythm and figure out how everything fits together. I could definitely see the accordion melody being played in a port tavern though! Vallȧt is a bit heavier on the guitar, with a slower tempo. It’s a bit less dancey than the title track, but still has a good rhythm. The accordion once again leads the melody with distorted guitar taking over the melody for a little while.

Finally to round off, Kallkällspolska greets your ears. Personally I enjoy the individual elements, but once again as with Älvornas Dans I can’t quite get all the elements working together as I listen.

It is getting more and more difficult to be successful when you combine metal instruments and traditional instruments these days. If you don’t have the instrumental layers working exactly together, and the recordings aren’t up to scratch, you struggle. I feel with a better sound quality, and some minor timing adjustments with a couple of the tracks, this EP could have easily got an 7 or 8 from me. I would have liked to see a few more instrumental layers, but that is purely personal taste, and sometimes you need to appreciate the less chaotic music in life!

Kalasfolket – Kallkällspolska (live!)

Verdict: 6/10

Listen to BAND on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1TcZTHbs5qiaCOrWC0tMHh
Follow BAND on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kalasfolket/
BAND website: http://www.kalasfolket.se/

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