LOCH DOON The Musical: Motivation Edition

The world is going through a very, very bizarre time right now. A lot of countries are in some form of lock down, or have at least been given extra sets of rules to live by, which has meant the cancellation of many, many festivals and tours this year already. Germany and Belgium have already cancelled major events until 31st August at the earliest, and it’s highly likely that other countries will follow suit. This combined with musicians also being unable to leave their homes means that not a lot of new music is being produced either.

As an avid metal fan, and a “music critic” (I use that term loosely), I felt it was my duty to help all those music fans out there who have been left without the anticipation of tours and new records. Personally, a day doesn’t go by where I don’t listen to at least a few hours of music now. I find it easier to work my day job (thankfully I can work from home without issues) while listening to music, and I always stick an album on while I’m doing activities which don’t require additional noise such as watching Netflix or gaming.

This edition is all about MOTIVATION. I find myself demotivated on days where I have nothing to do, and the long Easter weekend was a particular stress. I find that if I have nothing to do or don’t want to do anything, my mind wanders and I find myself feeling low and it’s a nice long spiral down to not feeling so great. I have therefore created a Spotify playlist which you can listen to here which I am continually adding to with some tracks that give me that get up and go I need sometimes.

Here are some of the bands and songs on the playlist, and some other bands and songs which have been keeping me motivated and smashing through proper work and chores:

Unleash the Archers – Northwest Passage

Unleash the Archers – Northwest Passage

Unleash the Archers are a Canadian band who I will admit I initially found hard to get into. However, this amazing cover of Stan Rogers’ Northwest Passage is one of those songs that can get you up and going. The build up from the intro is perfect, and the lyrics are also suitably motivational, reminding you that no matter what is going on, you will make it!
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Memories of Old

Memories of Old – The Land of Xia

Am I biased with this pick as Billy is a great guy who is lovely and supportive of myself both personally and with Ostara Metal? Yes. But are they also a great motivational band with some great symphonic power metal? Also yes. With only 2 tracks released so far, they are both spectacular tracks with all the triumphant noises you need to lift your spirits and get you going.
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Sabaton – Pillars of Wisdom

Another biased but perfectly legitimate entry on this list, Sabaton’s discography is FULL of tracks which lift the spirits and tell tales of the triumphs and heroes throughout history. I also recommend watching live videos of Sabaton, they have so much energy on stage, and I have many treasured memories of the times I have seen them live. I’ve also found some hidden gems such as Union (The Slopes of St Benedict). You can also learn some history based on Sabaton tracks on the Sabaton History YouTube channel.
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Beast in Black

Beast in Black – Cry Out For A Hero

An incredible voice, power metal, and all the 80’s cheese. If that doesn’t motivate you in any way, are you alive? Beast in Black are incredible with energy both live and on record. Need a pick me up? Stick either of their albums on and you’ll be up and about in no time. There’s plenty of singalongs and ridiculous dance moves to do! Bring out the legwarmers and neon leggings!
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Gloryhammer – Hootsforce

A band which performs songs about giant space wars, undead unicorns, goblin kings, the Hootsforce, and other dimensions, why would you be motivated by high energy metal based on those topics? Another band that’s great to see live, and another band to do some ridiculous dance moves to. (There may be a video in the future on my Facebook page if I’m brave enough!) This kind of music will at least get your foot tapping, and that’s surely better than not moving at all?
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Majestica – Above The Sky, Rat Pack, & Night Call Girl

Majestica – Above The Sky

For some reason, the Majestica (was ReinXeed) release didn’t pique my interest last year. That was a bad plan, because now it’s my earworm album and I listen to it in full at least once a day. The album overall is amazing, but the three songs in particular which get me motivated are Above The Sky, Rat Pack, and Night Call Girl. Another band with a good healthy dose of 80’s cheese, it’s yet another another opportunity to do ridiculous dance moves.
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Eluveitie – Epona

Eluveitie – Epona

So far I think this is the only folk metal tune on my motivational playlist, it’s predominantly power metal. However, this track and its pipe melody wants to make me get out into the garden, and twirl around and dance as much as I can. (Without lockdown, it would be a wood or forest, but we have to make do!) There are a few Eluveitie tracks which make me feel uplifted, but this is THE track that gets me up and moving.
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I hope that these suggestions give you some inspiration to create your own motivational playlist and that my playlist gives you that extra bit of motivation that you need to conquer the day and have as awesome a time as you can have in whatever lockdown/social measures you are under at this time.

Stay safe and well, and we WILL meet again!

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