Grimgotts – Tales

Band: Grimgotts
Album: Tales
Release Date: 1st May 2020
Record Label: Unsigned

I first heard of Grimgotts when they were announced for Power Metal Quest Fest 2018, and I remember thoroughly enjoying their set. Grimgotts have a surprising amount of back catalogue material, and have just released their new EP Tales, which is part of a linked trilogy of EPs planned.

Orchestral build-up introduces the first track, Fight ’till the End. It had a steady mid-pace tempo, and there’s a mix of clean and harsh vocal (which is much further down in the mix). There seems to be a subtle effect on the vocals, which gives it a little bit of an 80’s sci-fi feel, though the subject is very much traditional fantasy. It works though, and the track overall has a triumphant feel, with a very much obligatory key change towards the end.

A faster paced track, For the Power sounds and feels like a stereotypical power metal epic, which is, of course, no bad thing at all. It’s higher energy and prime for headbanging. I could foresee a lot of movement with a live audience for this too. (When we can eventually enjoy live music again!) The vast majority of this track has a good old gallop as well, definitely a must for any power metal album or EP!

A male chorus of vocals brings in The Dawnbringer, and then we kick in with some fast paced drums and guitar. It sounds like the start of a difficult and strange adventure. It’s definitely a track to headbang to, but there is also a 70’s rock style solo in there too, with some great effects on the tone.

Finally, we have a Reign of Might, with some very traditional power metal style lyrics! It’s another fast paced track, ripe for headbanging and fist pumping! The chorus just keeps getting more triumphant and the group vocals and harmonies just make it! The track very suddenly changes to rainy weather and female choral vocal, slowly fading out, ready for part 2 of the EP trilogy.

Tales is a nice, short listen, which is sometimes a nice change from 1 hour + albums which do require a lot of mental energy to follow and take note of the many, many elements involved in the mix. Grimgotts provides some simple, yet effective power metal which is easy to listen to. The one major issue I have, however, is the sound quality. To me, it sounds like something is dampening and slightly muddying the sound through my speakers and headphones, so the sounds aren’t quite as sharp and as clear as they should be. However, I am looking forward to hearing the next two EPs which complete this little trilogy!

Grimgotts – Tales (Full EP)

Verdict: 7.5/10

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