Fellowship – Fellowship

Band: Fellowship
Album: Fellowship
Release Date: 11th March 2020

I think the lovely people of PowerSymphonic showcased this band, and obviously because they are described as power metal I had to check them out. Power metal is definitely more my jam at the moment, particularly with the uplifting music and lovely weather we’re having in the UK (even though we can’t really go anywhere). Fellowship released their 3-track debut self titled EP in March, so it’s been around for a little while now, but it’s never too late to discover new bands!

With the most triumphant of starts, Glint is the first track to greet you on this mini power metal journey. There’s a great gallop (are you really a power metal band if you don’t have at least one gallop in an EP/album?) The vocals are incredible and really suit the instrumental. The composition is great and includes layers that work perfectly together and great backing vocals. This has everything you need in a power metal track, including an all important long twiddly guitar solo.

The Hours of Wintertime has a distinctly mellower introduction, with just a piano floating along before the full band kicks in and ups the tempo. The pace isn’t quite as quick as Glint, but the track title would lead you to believe it would be a slightly slower track. We’re still not missing out on a fast twiddly guitar solo though! There’s a bridge which live (whenever that magical time happens again), would be great to get an audience involved with.

Hearts Upon the Hill brings another power metal standard to the fold. It has a more marching pace to it, though not as slow as many “marching” songs. It’s got a catchy, dancey rhythm to it, and a chorus that is easy to sing along to. This could be the dark horse of this little EP. I’m enjoying it already, but I feel like it’s a grower. The guitar solo and harmonies feel a little more epic in this one, but the twiddly guitar is still there.

My only issue? There’s not enough music! I definitely want to hear more from these guys, and I want to see them live. Perhaps a cheeky addition to the next Power Metal Quest Fest might be in order? They have a great sound already, and of course, they HAD to do a Disney cover which is on their Spotify, and is their only music video so far (see below!). I am very much looking forward to seeing what is next for Fellowship!

Fellowship – Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (Power Metal Disney Cover)

Verdict: 9/10

Listen to BAND on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3WDqn7WBcRoRE1IpEWNf3E
Follow Fellowship on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FellowshipUK/

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