Shadowrise – Shadowrise

Shadowrise I feel have a lot of potential. The mix between the RPG soundtrack style and the heavy instrumental works really well.

Celtachor – Fiannaíocht

I’m really looking forward to seeing Celtachor again live. It is not often that Irish folk metal is heard, it is more often the more Northern European folk metal that fans are more familiar with.

Cruachan – Nine Years of Blood

This is certainly an album I will be listening to again, and if you haven’t had the chance to check these guys out yet, you should!

Tengger Cavalry – Cian Bi

An unusual folk metal album which deviates from the normal European style. It flows really well and the composition is fantastic.

Accursed Years – Oaken Weave (Single)

An acquaintance of mine (also in Sköll) asked me if I’d be kind enough to have a listen to his other band’s (Accursed Years) single and see what I thought. I think I’d seen the band name floating around on social media a little, but never really taken the time to actually see what they…

Kalmah – Palo

With hard hitting riffs and folky melodies, this is certainly a contender for my album of the year!

Kamelot – The Shadow Theory

I really, really want to like this album. I really do. I’ve heard great things about Kamelot and on paper they sound like exactly my kind of band, but this albun really didn’t meet my expectations. I can tell the music itself is really well written and thought out, but at times it almost seems like it’s too well thought out at times.

Borealis – The Offering

If you enjoy punchy power metal with heavy drums and symphonic elements, The Offering is an album you need in your collection. It will definitely be joining mine.