Ostara Metal’s Power Metal Quest Fest 2018 Picks


Power Metal Quest Fest website: https://powermetalquestfest.com/
Like Power Metal Quest Fest on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/powermetalquestfest/
Direct Link to Power Metal Quest Fest tickets: https://powermetalquestfest.com/tickets/
Ostara Metal Power Metal Quest Fest Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/dawnmae91/playlist/5osvQslcfZ73KTnnsIYB2l


This year is the second for Power Metal Quest Fest, the brainchild of Amie of Dakesis and CapsaArx Studios, and last year’s event was great (though sadly I could not be there for the full day). This year, however, I have prepared with hotels and time off work, so I can experience the full day and a lot of amazing bands. As with Warhorns Festival, there are no clashes, but these are the bands I will definitely not be heading to the bar or to get food for!

Red Rum

Having played at Bloodstock Festival a few times, and touring around the UK regularly, Red Rum are up there in the top pirate metal bands for me. I have yet to go to a Red Rum show where I haven’t been dancing and headbanging throughout the entire set, and you should definitely check out their cover of They’re Taking The Hobbits to Isengard if you haven’t heard it already. Red Rum are headlining this little festival, so definitely save some of that headbanging and jigging energy, as well as leaving some room for more rum and ale!

Buy Red Rum music and merch: https://redrumuk.bandcamp.com/releases
Like Red Rum on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redrummetal/


Fresh from their very well received Bloodstock Festival performance with a packed out New Blood tent, Sellsword are returning to Power Metal Quest Fest after playing its first edition last year. I recorded their Iron Maiden cover featuring Gemma from Dakesis and Matt from The Mighty Wraith which you can watch here. Sellsword always put on a fantastic show. Will the trebuchet be making a visit to Birmingham? Only time will tell!

Like Sellsword on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mercenarymetal/
Buy Sellsword music and merch: https://sellsword.bandcamp.com/


Currently in the process of recording and releasing their second album, Atorc are becoming more and more well known in the UK metal scene. It’s always good to have a jig and a dance at any gig, and Atorc are one of the bands that will provide that. Hopefully we will hear more from their upcoming release Under The Raven Banner (I believe we got a sneak peek in Nottingham earlier this year too!)

Like Atorc on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AtorcOfficial/
Buy Atorc music and merch: https://atorcofficial.bandcamp.com/releases


Dendera are a relatively new find for me, having heard the name thrown around a few times in the past. But in recent weeks I have been listening to them more in preparation for Power Metal Quest Fest, and I am really looking forward to seeing them live. Ashley Edison (also of Power Quest) has an amazing voice and mixed with the heavy power metal instrumental, it works really well. I’ll definitely be headbanging and moving during their set.

Like Dendera on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DenderaUK/
Buy Dendera music and merch: https://denderauk.bigcartel.com/


Again, Grimgotts are a recent discovery for me, and when I first listened to the above track, I was amazed by the vocals straight away. The instrumentals are also fantastic, with the right mix of symphonic, power and folk elements. I am very much going to enjoy this. Grimgotts are the right amount of cheese, so expect many power stances and much headbanging! I am also (not so) secretly hoping for some of the old Harry Potter theme of the band to come through…

Like Grimgotts on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grimgottsband/
Buy Grimgotts music and merch: https://grimgotts.bandcamp.com/


As always, you shouldn’t just check out the bands on my list, you should check out all the bands playing. These are just my particular favourites on the lineup this year. Get yourself a ticket for Power Metal Quest Fest, get yourself a t-shirt, and support all the amazing bands on the lineup who rely on our support to keep going!

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