BLOODSTOCK PREVIEW 2019: Sophie Lancaster Stage

Welcome to part 2 of my Bloodstock Festival 2019 preview. This edition with be focused on the Sophie Lancaster stage, named after a wonderful young woman whose life was sadly taken from her simply because of how she looked. The Sophie Lancaster Foundation (founded by Sophie’s mum Sylvia), does some amazing work educating young people about the differences in society and how we shouldn’t hate each other for how we look. I believe as usual there will be a Sophie Lancaster Foundation stall at the festival site in the arena.

You can donate or buy Sophie Lancaster Foundation merchandise, and find out about the work the foundation do here.

If you haven’t yet purchased your Bloodstock Festival ticket, please consider using my Fanshare link here.

You can also check out my Bloodstock Festival 2019 playlist here, where I’ve got a couple of songs for almost every band playing!

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Pretty much the only folk metal band I can see on the line up this year (PLEASE correct my if I’m wrong!), Eluveitie will be headlining the Sophie Lancaster stage on the Sunday. Eluveitie are one of those bands which I dip in and out of all the time, and after giving their latest release Ategnatos a listen (review here), they’re becoming one of my favourite folk metal bands once again. There’s so much going on in the music. There are growls and clean vocals, heavier metal sections, and moments where you just feel at peace with the flutes and orchestral elements taking charge and having an almost spiritual experience. I’ve yet to have seen Eluveitie live (I missed them at Wacken Winter Nights), so I am really looking to their Bloodstock performance.

Eluveitie – Ategnatos

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Footprints in the Custard

What’s this? Another British party band who definitely don’t take themselves seriously? I’ll take that! Footprints in the Custard have been on the underground circuit for a while, and I’ve had the opportunity to see them several times over the years. Their stage gear is, well, interesting, and their metal cover of It’s Raining Men is bound to have everyone laughing and singing along in equal measures. The Sophie Tent is bound to be in chaos when they guys take to the stage on Thursday.

Footprints in the Custard – Willies Are For Weeing

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Blind River

I’ve only heard a few tracks from Blind River, but I’ve liked what I’ve listened to. They have a definite southern rock vibe which is absolutely perfect for the festival season. They have some groovy riffs and definite summer vibes. Sometimes you need something to dance and groove to, and with these guys playing the traditional “party night” on Thursday, there’s bound to be a lot of dancing

Blind River – Going Nowhere (Demo Version)

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Countless Skies

I’ve had the opportunity to see Countless Skies a couple of times now, and their melodic death metal style is definitely reminiscent of Insomnium’s style. Their soaring, epic melodies and crushing vocals in contrast makes something incredibly special. If you’re a fan of melodic death metal, definitely give these guys a listen and head over to the Sophie Stage on Friday to check them out live.

Countless Skies – Tempest

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The Lazys

This is pretty different to what I normally listen to, it’s definitely not what you would call heavy, but it’s got a great vibe. There’s definitely an ACDC influence in the music, and it’s a good summer rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack to start rounding off the festival’s last day on the Sunday. After all the heavy, brutal riffs that will be all over the arena over the weekend, this will be a nice change and something to chill out to and bop along too with a cool drink (non-alcoholic for this Monday driver).

The Lazys – Nothing But Trouble

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Honourable Mentions

Honourable mentions on the Sophie Lancaster stage go to:
Sulpher (website, Facebook, Spotify), Helheim (music and merch, Facebook, Spotify), Control the Storm (Facebook, Spotify), Guardians of Time (music and merch, Facebook, Spotify).


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