BLOODSTOCK PREVIEW 2019: Hobgoblin New Blood Stage and Jagermeister Stage

Bloodstock Festival do amazing things for the underground metal scene, not only holding Metal to the Masses competitions across the UK, but also in European countries such as Norway and Poland. This gives those little known bands a chance to showcase their talent to a much wider audience, and can even lead to bands catapulting up the scene to playing the Sophie or RJD stage at Bloodstock, to touring across the UK and the international circuit. Those great people at Hobgoblin sponsor this New Blood stage, and have a Hobgoblin bar set up so you can enjoy a nice cold pint while checking out some new talent.

If you still haven’t got your Bloodstock Festival tickets, please consider using my Fanshare link here.

I also have a Bloodstock Festival Spotify playlist here, where you can listen to a couple of tracks to get a feel for which bands you might want to check out over the weekend.

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If you were disappointed that a certain band that cancelled their headline slot at a certain European music festival, and you instead were graced with a last minute headline slot by a band that are also headlining Bloodstock Open Air, then your best chance of seeing some of those songs live is seeing the wonderful Women-(and-some-men)-owar. With their debut performance at Power Metal Quest Fest last year, they have played many shows since, with a great chance to headline to Jagermeister stage on Sunday at Bloodstock.
With frontwoman Erica Had’Ems’ powerful vocals and inspiring stage presence, you should really take the chance to see them.

Womenowar – Heavy Metal Warriors

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Fallen Temples

Fallen Temples are a three piece hard rock band from South Wales, and have landed themselves a guest slot on the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage on the Sunday. Their sound reminds me of Clutch and Black Stone Cherry, and have enough grit to have a good old headbang to. I’ll do my best to get to the New Blood Stage for these guys to have a good old dance and rock out.

Fallen Temples – Cut The Wire

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Tomorrow Is Lost

Another band with that hard rock feel is Tomorrow Is Lost. The vocals are clean with enough power for the instrumental and just a little bit of grit. Tomorrow is Lost won their Metal to the Masses grand final in Newcastle. From what I’ve seen of their music videos, they have such passion and energy. If they can bring that to the stage, they are sure to be a big hit, and go on to bigger stages in the future.

Tomorrow Is Lost – We Are The Lost

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There;s definitely a theme for new bands I’ve been checking out for Bloodstock this year, and Jailbirds are yet another hard rock band, who have a definite ACDC vibe. They add another classic rock style band to the Sunday lineup, when Jailbirds play on the Jagermeister stage. I’ll be having a chilled Sunday with only a drink or two because I’m driving home the next day, so if the weather’s nice and I can have an ice cold carbonated beverage, all these hard and classic rock vibes are going to do me some good!

Jailbirds – One Hell Of A FIght

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Midnight Prophecy

If you’re a fan of Iron Maiden and other similar 80’s bands, then you would be remiss to not see Midnight Prophecy on the Hobgoblin New Blood stage on the Friday. I’ve heard the Midnight Prophecy name for a while now, so I’m hoping that I get a chance to see them live, they sound incredible and I hope their stage presence is just as powerful as it seems in their music videos.

Midnight Prophecy – Obsidian

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Honourable Mentions

Leadrobot (music and merch, Facebook, Spotify), Setheist (Facebook, Spotify), Master’s Call (music and merch, Facebook, Spotify)


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